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Highly Experienced Therapists with over 20 years of Clinical Practice 

Our Story

At the core, Thalia is a community of practitioners passionate about helping our clients discover, cultivate, and enrich their lives. We are focused on emotional, mental, physical, spiritual, and relational wellness.

Our highly experienced, compassionate, and multidisciplinary team consists of mental health professionals, play therapy for children, and a professional life coach. We work with individuals of all ages through individual, couple, family, group, and life enrichment/wellness counseling. For over 20 years, we have been evaluating and treating eating disorders in both outpatient and inpatient settings, along with many other co-occurring diagnoses and emotional concerns. We now provide high quality outpatient therapy in Overland Park for a variety of concerns and diagnoses. 

We value a holistic approach to health care and wellness and are concerned with the overall, long-term wellbeing of individuals, relationships, groups, and families. Our team of clinicians are a reliable, committed, and caring support team for every client’s journey from shame to self-acceptance, empowerment, and freedom.

We conceptualize client issues through assessment, diagnosis (if appropriate), goal setting, and addressing family systems. Our interventions are custom made to each individual’s needs. Furthermore, our team believes in collaborating with local psychiatrists, physicians, and other necessary professionals to ensure a well-rounded and integrative treatment plan for our clients.

Why Thalia? 

We often are asked why we are called Thalia Therapy and Wellness Center. The word Thalia (Tah-Lee-Uh) means to grow or flourish.  Striving towards growth is the essence of what we do here at Thalia Center. We are invested in helping clients reach their full potential and achieve the life of their dreams. 

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4061 Indian Creek Parkway

3rd Floor Suite 330

Overland Park, KS 66207

Please take the elevator directly to the

third floor. Our office is to the right

when you exit the elevator. 



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